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Vintage camera

There’s a new photography post going around at the moment, started by Hostelbookers. It asks bloggers to select their ‘Seven Super Shots’, one for each of the following categories. I love an excuse to dig through my old photos, so when Suzanne, aka The Travel Bunny, nominated me how could I refuse? I’ve already seen some fantastic photos from other bloggers so hope my choices will live up to them. After years of getting more and more interested in photography, I finally got a Nikon D5000 DSLR a couple of years ago and love it, but some of my best shots were taken on my old Fuji compact – great photos aren’t about the camera, but a magic combination of timing, light and a bit of luck.

1. A photo that… takes my breath away

Staying in Gili Trawangan in Indonesia last year, we took a day trip over to a neighbouring island, Gili Air. We got a lift back on a traditional local boat, where one of the guys on the boat clambered up onto the bow. With the sun starting to set over Gili Trawangan, he made a great silhouette, and this photo always brings back memories of the heat and smells of the tropics.

Gili Trawangan sunset

2. A photo that… makes me laugh or smile

So you’re opening a new restaurant in Hong Kong and looking for a theme for it, what’s top of your list…  toilets of course! On the way from the airport on a stopover in Hong Kong, I was flicking through a guide to the city and came across this advert for the ‘Modern Toilet’ restaurant. Toilet bowl chairs, ice cream in a mini urinal, soup in a wash basin – can you think of anything less appetising? Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go and try it out but the idea still cracks me up.

Toilet restaurant, Hong Kong

3. A photo that… makes me dream

I loved this picture of a lighthouse so much that I have a big print of it hanging on the wall opposite my bed, so it’s the first thing I see in the morning. It was taken in the harbour of St Ives in Cornwall and looks so peaceful, it always makes me dream of relaxing by the sea.

St Ives lighthouse

4. A photo that… makes me think

I took this in the British Museum in London when I was trying out my new camera. Most of the visitors and students scurrying by didn’t notice the Tennyson quote beneath their feet, but it made me think about how things change through time, and of all the artefacts in the museum that have existed for years and will go on existing long after we’re gone.

Tennyson quote on the floor of the British Museum, London

5. A photo that… makes my mouth water

You can’t beat a good cake, and these gorgeous tarts in the famous Betty’s Tea Room in York were some of the best, along with a big pot of tea.

Cakes at Betty's Tea Room, York

6. A photo that… tells a story

I studied geology for a while, and one of the places where it really comes to life is in Lulworth Cove in Dorset. The Jurassic Coast here is home to 150 million years of geological history and you can see it all around you – from the horseshoe-shaped cove, the layers of different rock and the arch of Durdle Door, to the fossils scattered along the shore.

Lulworth Cove

7. A photo that… I am most proud of (aka my National Geographic shot)

This was such a tough one as it changes from day to day, but in the end I decided on this this shot of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris last autumn. I love the way the afternoon sun makes a dappled pattern on the wall through the leaves.

Notre Dame cathedral, Paris

So there we are! Thanks again to Suzanne for the nomination. The idea now is to nominate other bloggers to join in, but I’ve totally lost track as to who’s already been nominated, but if you’d like to have a go, then consider yourself nominated! Look forward to seeing photos from anyone who’d like to take the challenge…


  1. says

    Beautiful photos Lucy. The last too are particularly stunning. So pleased Suzanne nominated you.
    … and as for the toilet restaurant – so funny – I wonder if there are any photos out there!

    • says

      Thanks Andrew, my childhood holidays were always North Devon or South Wales, I didn’t make it to Dorset for the first time until a couple of years ago but love the scenery down there.

  2. says

    Fantastic photos Lucy. My favourite has to be of Lulworth Cove. There’s so much of Britain I’ve yet to explore. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Cressida Howard says

    Freud would have had a field day with the toilet themed restaurant. That one was voted my favourite (by my inner three year old!).

  4. says

    Hi Lucy

    Just stumbled upon your blog and love the 7 super shots item you have done here.
    Especially the first one, taken in Indonesia, looks stunning to me.
    I will not have National Geographic quality photo’s but have made a blog post anyway….
    Let’s see if we can get dutch photographers involved here too.


    • says

      Hi Marcel
      Thanks for stopping by – and for taking part in the Seven Super Shots. I really like your first mountain photo, I love shots of snowy mountains. Good luck with the photography and blogging!

  5. says

    Hi Lucy! That first shot is a stunner and I love the British Museum one too. I’ve come late to this because, guess what- I was looking for people to nominate. I was pretty sure you’d have taken part but needed to check.

    Don’t quite understand “The blogs that I follow” on WordPress. It says at the top of screen that I’m following you but you don’t appear anywhere in my drop down menu. I’ve recently changed to using “Read blogs” instead of getting emails in as they flood your Inbox don’t they? And I’ve seen you on there so problem solved- I think???

    • says

      Thanks – yes it’s hard to keep up with who has been nominated for what already! The ‘blogs I follow’ bit confuses me too, and I’m doing the ‘read blogs’ option too because of all the emails. Usually find out what people have published somehow, a combination of WordPress, Twitter and Facebook covers most things!

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