Walking London’s South Bank at dusk // In pictures

Millennium Bridge, London's South Bank at dusk

After a quick trip to London yesterday, I took advantage of a free few hours and some beautiful clear skies to take a walk along the south bank of the Thames. Despite living in London for 10 years I only took a handful of photos of the city, so when now I visit I try to make up for it. One of my favourite walks in the capital, the route along the river from London Bridge to Waterloo takes you within sight of some of London’s most famous landmarks along the South Bank – like Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tate Modern, Millennium Bridge, London Eye and the Houses of Parliament. The light faded as I walked, turning the sky from pale to a deep navy blue, and the city’s lights came to life, illuminating streets and buildings. Commuters rushed by as I dawdled on the path, taking photos until my hands went numb in the cold.

London's South Bank at dusk
St Paul's, London's South Bank at dusk
London's South Bank at dusk
Houses of Parliament, London's South Bank at dusk
Houses of Parliament, London's South Bank at dusk
Houses of Parliament, London's South Bank at dusk
London Eye, London's South Bank at dusk

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Walking London's South Bank at dusk, past landmarks like Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral, the Tate Modern, the London Eye and Houses of Parliament - ontheluce.com


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    How I would have loved to take that walk with you! Such wonderful sights! I can imagine myself sitting on one of those benches, just drinking it all in. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. It’s almost as good as being there myself!

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      Thanks so much – it’s funny I must have done that walk so many times when I lived in London and not thought about it, but I notice and appreciate the city so much more now as a visitor.

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        That’s interesting. I guess it must be when you live there you’re so busy with the day-to-day things that you don’t really notice anything that isn’t directly related to what you need to do. As a visitor, that stress and drive isn’t part of your day, well, at least not so much. I have my list of places I want to see in person should I ever become a millionaire and now London is one of those places. If I went, I’d find that bench in your picture and sit on it. I’d think of you too and bless you for bringing it to my attention. (smiles)

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    Lovely photos. My daughter used to love in Borough so we were often on the Southbank. She is in Streatham Hill now, which is happily close to all the amazing Asian canteens in Tooting Bec but we don’t get into the city so often now.

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      Borough’s a great part of London, I’d loved to have lived there. I know Streatham well though as I lived in Streatham Common for a few years, loved all the Asian food around there too!

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      I probably have about 10 photos of London from the entire time I lived there, and about the same of Oxford and Cheltenham where I’ve lived since, funny isn’t it how we forget to photograph our own doorsteps!

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    Stunning photos of the London skyline. I did that exact same walk last Friday when in London, but my iPhone camera just doesn’t cut it when it comes to night time photos. Thanks for posting and keep the amazing photos coming!

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      Thanks – I use my iPhone camera a lot too but it doesn’t cope too well with the dark does it, lots of noise and blur. Definitely a time when lugging round my DSLR was worth it!

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      Thanks Jo, I do love going down there when I get the chance, it’s easy to forget you’re in London when you just rush between places, then you get down there and are surrounded by these amazing landmarks.

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    I really love that shot of Millennium Bridge with St.Paul’s Cathedral at the background. I definitely missed it when I went to London more 6 years ago.

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      I love that there’s always something going on along South Bank – as well as the museums and galleries I saw book stalls and various street entertainers, but there’s a good weekend food market too.

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    Lovely photos, Lucy! You’ve captured such beautiful blues in all the photos. I’m itching to get to London – still can’t believe I have never been, but I have friends moving there in May so maybe this is the year. Your photos make me want to go now!

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      London’s a great place to have friends moving – should mean you get to know one of the neighbourhoods (which are so different) and always helpful to have someone to stay with, especially in a pricey city like London!

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    FAb photos Lucy. We will be in London in May with a few hours to spare before we catch the Eurostar to Paris the next day. We recently discussed doing a Thames walk, so we may just follow in your footsteps. Like you, I haven’t taken many photos in London on previous visits but I will make sure I do this time. Your photos have inspired me.

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      That’s great – it’s an easy walk and you can do it in a few hours, or take your time and stop off at a few of the places along the route. Hope you get some good weather for the photos!

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    Hi Lucy,

    I’ve just started following your blog as I moved to London about 6 months ago and am very excited to have found your blog for inspiration! You’ve taken some incredible photos here. I’m yet to do the full walk along to see all the sights above but it looks worth it now.

    Loved this! Thank you!

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    Love these pics. Walking along the south bank of the Thames is one of my favorite things to do in London — over and over again. Especially beautiful at dusk — well-captured in your photos.

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    OMG your pictures make me miss my trip to London sooo much!

    Also, change of topic: I just nominated you on my blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. One part of it is to let the bloggers know who you nominated and then have them make their own list of their chosen nominees. Thanks for having your wonderful blog and allowing people like me to read a little bit about you and your thoughts!
    You can see my list of nominations at http://managinglifeandself.wordpress.com/2014/02/07/versatile-blogger-award/.

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    The South Bank is so beautiful. That used to be my run home from work. Now I run along the beaches of northern Sydney, so I can’t really complain. They’re both special in their own ways!

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      It was so cold! I managed to lose one glove somewhere along the route too which didn’t help. Summer is probably a better time to do it, though you there would be a lot more people around.

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