In pictures: Bryggen, the old heart of Bergen

Bryggen old town in Bergen, Norway

Along the waterfront in the Norwegian city of Bergen is one of its most historic and beautiful areas – Bryggen. A row of colourfully painted shopfronts face the wharf, but down the narrow alleyways in between you’ll find a jumble of overhanging balconies and walkways. This is the oldest part of Bergen, which was first built on back in 1070. … 

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In pictures: Cruising out of Venice

Sailing out of Venice, Italy

When I found out our cruise was departing out of Venice, I knew I’d have to try and fit in a glass of prosecco in Piazza San Marco on the way. But my plans were thwarted by a rainstorm and a flight delay, and instead we had to head straight on board our ship. That didn’t mean we missed out on the views though – or the bubbly. As we set sail, we toasted the start of our trip from underneath an umbrella on our balcony. … 

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In pictures: The fjords from Flåm

The Sognefjord as seen from Flam
Norway has no shortage of fjords, but the longest and deepest of them is the Sognefjord. It stretches over 200km inland from the ocean, and the tiny town of Flåm lies at the end of one of its most scenic stretches. The best way to see the fjords is by boat, but before we got to that there was time for a taster with a walk along the waterside in Flåm. In one direction, steep cliffs rose out of the water, with trees clinging perilously to sheer rock faces. … 

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In pictures: Catania’s volcanic coast

Aci Castello on the Catania coastline, Sicily

For a coastal city, it’s strangely easy to spend time in Catania and forget the sea is even there. Most of the city’s seafront is filled with its busy harbour, but you don’t need to go far to get a taste of sea air. Just north of the city are a string of former fishing villages, where dark volcanic rocks formed by Mount Etna’s eruptions meet the clear turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea. Off the coast at Aci Trezza you can see three tall, rocky outcrops known as the Cyclops Islands. … 

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In pictures: A carpet of bluebells in the Forest of Dean

Bluebells in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire England

After what always feels like an endless winter in Britain, the first bluebell I see is a sign that days are getting longer and temperatures are getting warmer – summer is finally on its way. Near my home in Gloucestershire, the Forest of Dean is one of the best places in the country to see native English bluebells. … 

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The Epic Adventures photo competition

Epic adventures photo competition

Outdoor gear store Blacks have teamed up with adventure holiday company Explore for a new photo competition which is all about epic adventures in the great outdoors. The top prize is £2000 to spend on one of Explore’s trips across the world and four runners up will each get £150 to spend at Blacks. Explore have an amazing range of trips on every continent – top of my shortlist would be their safari and wine trip around South Africa or maybe their tour around the Mayan ruins in Belize and Guatemala. … 

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In pictures: Essaouira sunsets

Sunset over Essaouira on the coast of Morocco

I love a good sunset, and a lot of my favourites have been on the coast, where you can watch the sun slowly dipping down into the water. Looking out across the Atlantic from Morocco’s coastline, Essaouira has a prime sunset position and didn’t disappoint, with a spectacular dusk light show each evening – whether that was the sun peeking out between the sea and a layer of rippling clouds or filling the whole sky with shades of gold. … 

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In pictures: Fishing boats in Essaouira harbour

Boats in Essaouira harbour, Morocco

Looking around the harbour in Essaouira you see endless shades of blue – from the pale skies to the rough seas and the vibrant turquoise and blue painted fishing boats. In the 19th century Essaouira was Morocco’s biggest port. It was nicknamed the ‘Port of Timbuktu’ as goods like gold and spices came by caravan from sub-Saharan Africa to be shipped from here out to Europe and the Americas. … 

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In pictures: Bridging the gap between Newcastle and Gateshead

Bridges across the Tyne in Newcastle Gateshead

Straddling the River Tyne in north-east England are the twin cities of Newcastle and Gateshead. They’re divided by the river, with Gateshead on the southern bank and Newcastle on the northern bank, but have seven bridges to connect them. At the heart of the cities, these bridges tell the story of their history. First is the Industrial Revolution-era High Level Bridge, built to carry trains up the east coast from London to Edinburgh. … 

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In pictures: Walking London’s South Bank at dusk

Millennium Bridge, London's South Bank at dusk

After a quick trip to London yesterday (more on that to come), I took advantage of a free few hours and some beautiful clear skies to take a walk along the south bank of the Thames. Despite living in London for 10 years I only took a handful of photos of the city, so when now I visit I try to make up for it. One of my favourite walks in the capital, the route along the river from London Bridge to Waterloo takes you within sight of some of London’s most famous landmarks – like Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tate Modern, South Bank, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament. … 

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