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  • A weekend in Chester

    A weekend in Chester

    It was my first trip to Chester but I felt a distinct case of déjà vu. It was like someone had taken the best bits from cities around the UK and…

  • The underground secrets of Dover Castle
    Travel tales

    Dover Castle’s underground secrets

    On the surface it’s England’s largest castle. Dover Castle has been defending the Kent coastline from centuries of invaders since 1066. But below ground it has another hidden side. Deep inside…

  • A weekend in Rye, East Sussex

    A weekend in Rye, East Sussex

    A hilltop town with a picturesque jumble of cobbled streets and historic buildings, Rye in East Sussex could be a British costume drama set come to life. It’s got the charm…

  • The Old Rectory, Hastings

    The Old Rectory in Hastings, reviewed

    For a proper traditional British seaside break, you really have to stay in a bed and breakfast. B&Bs are a British seaside institution, but after a few years of apartment rentals…

  • A Sussex seaside break in Hastings
    Travel tales

    A Sussex seaside break in Hastings

    A hundred years ago, a British holiday meant a week by the seaside. The country’s coastline was scattered with seaside resorts with their piers, donkey rides and dance halls. As time…

  • Alternative things to do in London

    Alternative things to do in London

    According to Samuel Johnson: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” And he’s got a point…

  • A weekend in York

    A weekend in York

    I suppose you could say York was my first ‘solo’ trip – it was the first I went away without my parents on a school trip aged 10. Since then I’ve…