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  • Amman Citadel at sunset, Jordan

    Trip budget: A week in Jordan

    I might be in a chilly Cheltenham today but this time last year I was in the much more exotic – and warm – location of Jordan. Visiting the ancient city…

  • First-timers guide to Petra in Jordan

    A first-timer’s guide to Petra, Jordan

    Petra is always appearing on those top travel lists – the top ten places to see in your lifetime, the new seven wonders of the world. But unlike some places that…

  • Movenpick hotel on the Dead Sea, Jordan
    Travel tales

    Luxury or bust at the Dead Sea

    The Dead Sea is already the world’s lowest and saltiest sea, but it’s getting lower and saltier all the time. Its hot weather and lack of rain mean more water evaporates…

  • Dead Sea sunset
    In pictures

    Dead Sea sunsets // In pictures

    The lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea is over 420 metres below normal sea level. It’s actually more a lake than a sea but is definitely dead – with water…

  • Cats at Petra, Jordan
    In pictures

    Cats of Petra // In pictures

    The landscape around Petra might look dry and barren, but there’s a surprising amount of animal life if you look carefully – both the wild and not-so-wild. Among the rocks along…

  • The temples of Petra in Jordan lit up by candles at night
    In pictures

    Petra by night // In pictures

    As soon as I announced I was going to Petra, the one thing everyone said I must do was see it at night. On three evenings a week, the ancient city…

  • The Roman citadel in Amman, Jordan
    In pictures

    Amman’s historic Citadel // In pictures

    Jordan’s metropolis of nearing three million residents, Amman is a city of rising skyscrapers and manic traffic sprawling over 19 hills. But within all the trappings of modern urban life you…