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What to pack for an African safari

What to pack for an African safari

After over 20 years of travelling, I’ve got my packing technique down pretty well – I can even pack a case in my sleep when there’s an early start involved. But there are some trips where your packing list…

Day in the life of a safari at Naledi Bushcamp, South Africa
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A day in the life of a safari in South Africa

A safari is a real wishlist trip, and something I’d been dreaming about doing for years. But even when you’ve picked a location there are so many different options – self-drive or guided, private reserve or National Park, tented…

Relearning the art of patience on safari
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Rediscovering the art of patience on safari

It’s the last of our five game drives in Balule Game Reserve, just after our final coffee stop and at the end of  15 hours out in the bush on safari in South Africa. We’ve been weaving our way…

South Africa travel wishlist
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My South African travel wishlist

South Africa’s been on my travel wishlist for longer than anywhere else in the world. The beaches, the scenery, the wildlife, the wine – it’s got pretty much all my favourite things rolled into one. Which makes it about…