Spring in the Languedoc vineyards, France

It’s a spring Sunday morning in France’s Languedoc wine region. My mum and I arrived in the dark last night after a long train journey to spend a few days at the luxurious Château Autignac wine estate. I’ve been to France more than anywhere else in the world but this is a new region for me – but I’ve never met a wine region I don’t like yet, and as I open the curtains onto a cool sunny morning with birds singing and look out onto a maze of red rooftops and flower-filled gardens, I don’t think this is going to be the first. Read more: A French vineyard stay at Château Autignac Autignac’s a tiny place with just 800 residents, a café and a couple of shops, with its narrow streets and stone houses centred around the church square. But early on Sunday morning it’s a ghost town and we don’t see a single other person as we head out for a walk. The village is so small that whichever direction you walk in, within a few minutes you’ll find yourself out among fields of vines. It’s so peaceful – all you can hear is the chirping of swifts … Continue reading Spring in the Languedoc vineyards, France