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An artistic weekend in Honfleur, Normandy
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An artistic weekend in Honfleur, Normandy

A picturesque harbour tightly packed with sailing boats. Rows of tall, thin, slate-fronted houses and stone salt stores. Waterside restaurants with colourful awnings and tables spilling out onto cobbled streets. Honfleur really is as pretty as a painting –…

What to see and do in Antibes, South of France

Boats and beaches: Things to do in Antibes, France

One of the things I love about France (other than the cheese and wine obviously) is that it keeps surprising me. I thought I knew the Côte d’Azur – millionaires’ coastal villas, exclusive boutiques, casinos, luxury yachts – but…

What to see and do in Annecy, France

Castles and canals: Things to do in Annecy, France

Less than a year after deciding Strasbourg was my new favourite French spot, I’ve already lost my heart to Annecy. It must be something about the canals as both places are set around a network of waterways.…

Dusk at the Louvre museum in Paris

Alternative things to do in Paris

Paris is one of the world’s most iconic cities. Its world-famous buildings and attractions are a must-see – the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Sacré-Cœur Basilica and Montmartre. But once you’ve seen the big names, what…

The streets of St Germain, Paris: A self-guided walking tour

Paris walks: A self-guided St Germain walking tour

Located on Paris’ Left Bank, St-Germain-des-Prés is one of the city’s most famous neighbourhoods. Over the years it’s been a meeting place for intellectuals, a centre of the post-war Jazz Age and a bohemian hub for artists and writers.…

The Alabaster Coast in Normandy, France
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The white cliffs of Normandy’s Alabaster Coast

When you picture steep white chalk cliffs battered by the Channel seas, you probably think of England’s White Cliffs of Dover. But the French have their own lesser-known version on the other side of the Channel – La Côte…

Sacre Coeur basilica, Paris

Visiting Paris on a budget

Paris is one of my favourite European cities – I’ve visited more times than anywhere in the world and even spent an autumn house-sitting there once. But even though I was lucky enough to have somewhere to stay, Paris…

Paris sewer tour
Travel tales

The underbelly of Paris: Touring the sewers

So I know I said I wanted to see some of the more unusual sights of Paris, but aren’t the sewers a step too far? After visiting another of Paris’ underground attractions, the catacombs, I heard that part of the…

Champagne cork
Travel tales

A taste of bubbly: Touring the Champagne vineyards

If you’re staying in Reims, it’s easy to visit a few of the big-name Champagne producers found around the outskirts, like Pommery or Taittinger. But if you want to discover some of the more unusual small producers and taste…