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Pommery Champagne house
In pictures

The weird world of Pommery // In pictures

I’ve been on a few winery tours and they usually follow the same format – a tour of the cellars, a talk about how the wine is made and a tasting – so was expecting more of the same…

ornate cemeteries of Paris
Travel tales

Cities of the dead: The ornate cemeteries of Paris

Think cemeteries and you probably imagine they’re going to be depressing places to spend your time, but not so in Paris. Its cemeteries are full of decoratively carved tombs with stained glass detailing, beautiful statues, and wide boulevards surrounded by…

Paris catacombs, France
Travel tales

Going underground: The eerie Paris catacombs

Beneath an unassuming building in Place Denfert Rochereau in southern Paris is the gateway to a subterranean world of tunnels, caverns and mass graves beneath the city – the Paris catacombs. As you enter the building you descend down…

Carnac Beach, the Côte D'Argent
Travel tales

Striking silver on France’s Côte D’Argent

“The Côte de where?” I hear you ask. One of France’s hidden gems (or should that be precious metal, being as it’s the silver coast?), the Côte D’Argent stretches over 200km of coastline from the mouth of the Gironde river…