Visiting Las Vegas on a budget

Las Vegas probably isn’t most people’s idea of a budget destination. Even if you’re not blowing your cash gambling on the casino floor, you could easily spend up a fortune in the city’s five-star hotels, A-list nightclubs, Michelin-starred restaurants and designer boutiques. But you don’t need to rob a casino – Ocean’s Eleven style – to enjoy a trip to Las Vegas. Sin City is still doable if you’re on a budget. I spent ten days in the city last spring so had to maximise the fun without spending too much. So here are my top tips for saving money in Las Vegas on everything from entertainment and transport to food and nightlife. More budget city guides: London, Edinburgh, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Copenhagen, Madrid, New York, Cape Town Things to see and do You can easily keep yourself entertained just wandering the Strip – watch gondoliers on the canals at Venice, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge at New York New York, see the pyramids at the Luxor, visit the indoor botanical gardens at the Bellagio, check out the vintage neon on Fremont Street or pose by the Las Vegas sign (south of Mandalay Bay on the Strip). There are also … Continue reading Visiting Las Vegas on a budget