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Little Hollywood Movie Set Museum in Kanab, Utah
Travel tales

Where the West was filmed: Utah’s Little Hollywood

Even if you’ve never been to Utah, you’ll recognise its landscapes. They’ve appeared on screen hundreds of times in films and TV series, from Westerns to thrillers and comedies. They’ve featured as themselves and been passed off as places…

The Titanic museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland
Travel tales

Titanic Belfast: Stories from a shipwreck

What is it about the story of RMS Titanic that has captured so many people’s imaginations? Just over a hundred years ago, the famous liner hit an iceberg and sank off the coast of Newfoundland. But where other maritime…

Salford Quays, Manchester
Travel tales

The changing face of Salford Quays

You can visit some places over and over again without ever actually ‘seeing’ them, and Manchester is one of those for me. Both my brother and best friend live up there, and I’ve been up to see them plenty…

Paris sewer tour
Travel tales

The underbelly of Paris: Touring the sewers

So I know I said I wanted to see some of the more unusual sights of Paris, but aren’t the sewers a step too far? After visiting another of Paris’ underground attractions, the catacombs, I heard that part of the…