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Visiting Madrid on a budget

Visiting Madrid on a budget

Barcelona has Gaudi, Granada has the Alhambra, Santiago has the pilgrims – but if you’re looking for a Spanish city break then Madrid has a bit of everything. My recent Surprise Trip was my first time in Madrid and…

The romance of Ronda, Andalucia, Spain
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The romance of Ronda, Spain

I have to confess I’m not much of a romantic. I don’t do Valentine’s Day, my husband and I don’t have a song, and I’m not 100% sure of the date of our first kiss. I’ve been romantically uninspired…

Seville’s Plaza de España in pictures
In pictures

Seville’s Plaza de España // In pictures

In a city overflowing with spectacular architecture, Seville’s Plaza de España takes things to another level. A grand sweeping semi-circle of buildings surrounds a canal with arching bridges and a central fountain. But that’s not all, up close you…

Winter in Seville, Spain
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Winter in Seville

Streets lined with orange trees, tapas bars hung with rows of hams, plazas full of horse-drawn carriages, flamenco shows and even a bull ring – Seville’s got everything you’d expect from Spain, all wrapped up in one beautiful package.…

Spanish tortilla
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The World on a Plate: Spanish tortilla

When you’re not travelling, one of the best ways to get a taste of the exotic (literally in this case) is by eating dishes from around the world. The tastes and smells can transport you back to a place…