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    On the Death in Paradise trail in Guadeloupe

    Death in Paradise TV series locations in Guadeloupe

    Outside the rain’s lashing down, the wind’s blowing a gale and the temperature is well below freezing. So you turn on the TV to be greeted with sunny skies, sandy beaches, palm trees and colourful streets (plus a dead body, but we’ll skate over that bit). On air during the worst of the British winter, it’s no wonder the BBC TV series Death in Paradise has become so popular and is now into its seventh series. Continue Reading

  • Anse La Perle beach in Guadeloupe, Caribbean

    Guadeloupe: Where France meets the Caribbean

    Boulangeries selling fresh croissants next to market stalls selling tropical fruit. Boules players on the beach next to homemade coconut sorbet stands. Guadeloupe is a real hybrid – a picture-postcard Caribbean…

  • Travel plans for 2018 On the Luce
    Travel future

    Travel plans for 2018

    2017 was a pretty epic travel year for me, with 24 trips to 10 countries. But although I visited plenty of amazing places, when I look back at my travel plans…

  • The first-timer’s guide to skiing

    The first-timer’s guide to skiing

    I was a bit of late starter on the slopes and didn’t start skiing until my mid-30s. I don’t like the cold and I’m not exactly sporty, so I didn’t think…

  • Travel highlights On the Luce in 2017, including skiing in Bulgaria, European rail trips, Cinque Terre views, summer in New York, discovering Prince Edward Island and much more.
    Travel tales

    On the Luce in 2017

    Christmas Day has been and gone, and I’m pretty sure my body is about 90% prosecco and cheese right now. But I love this part of the year, when you look…

  • 10 fabulous French weekends

    10 fabulous French weekends

    I’ve spent more time in France than anywhere else in the world – from childhood holidays in Normandy to house-sitting in Paris and a winter skiing in the Alps. And one…