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5 of the best castles in Northumberland

Five of the best castles in Northumberland

As the battleground between England and centuries of Scottish and Viking invaders, Northumberland has seen some fierce fights. So it’s no wonder that you can’t move far in the county without coming across a castle.…

Harlech Castle, North Wales
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Exploring Harlech Castle in North Wales

Perched on top of a rocky crag and towering over the North Wales countryside, Harlech Castle is one of the country’s most impressive medieval castles. It was built by Edward I in the 13th century during his invasion of…

Lindisfarne or Holy Island
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Marooned on Lindisfarne Island

On Lindisfarne, or Holy Island, the islanders live their lives based on the rhythm of the tides. Linked to the Northumbrian mainland by a narrow causeway, twice each day the island is completely cut off by the tide. You…