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Sustainable travel swaps: 10 ways to reduce your impact

Sustainable travel swaps: 9 ways to reduce your impact

Sustainable tourism is a real buzzword at the moment, but what does it really mean? Sustainability is all about looking at the positive and negative impacts that come from tourism, not just now but in the future too, to…

Relearning the art of patience on safari
Travel tales

Rediscovering the art of patience on safari

It’s the last of our five game drives in Balule Game Reserve, just after our final coffee stop and at the end of  15 hours out in the bush on safari in South Africa. We’ve been weaving our way…

Grizzly bear in Canada's Great Bear Rainforest
Travel tales

Land of the Grizzly Bear: Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest

Think of a rainforest and you imagine tropical heat, howling monkeys, scuttling insects and colourful birds. But a rainforest doesn’t have to be hot – there’s also another, lesser-known version, the temperate rainforest. They’re both packed with natural riches…

Catlins in New Zealand's South Island
Travel tales

The Catlins: New Zealand’s deep south

The Catlins were never part of my original New Zealand itinerary. Deep in the far depths of the South Island, this coastal area is as far south as you can get on the mainland, with not much between you…