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Does an InterRail pass save you time and money?

Does an InterRail pass save you money and time?

Although I love a good European rail trip, I’ve never been InterRailing. This post-university rite of passage for 20-something Europeans passed me by, but the passes aren’t just for gap-yearers. Their main selling point is that they make rail…

France and Italy by train
Travel future

Travel future: A France and Italy rail trip

The train’s my favourite way to travel, and ever since doing a European rail trip through France, Austria and Switzerland a couple of years ago, I’ve been looking for any excuse to do another. So when I got invited…


The travel clinic: Train travel edition

Welcome to the fourth edition of my travel clinic, where I share the top tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years to help make my travel life easier. And this edition is all about travelling by train.…

Tips for a European rail trip on a budget

Tips for a European rail trip on a budget

I’ve always loved to travel by train, and an InterRail adventure from one corner or Europe to another has been on my travel wishlist for years. But I never seemed to manage to find a couple of spare months…