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Views from a Rhine dinner cruise in Mainz
Travel tales

Germany for wine-lovers: A weekend in Mainz

Jaillan Yehia from Savoirthere leaves the Liebfraumilch behind and gets to grips with world-class grapes in Mainz, Germany’s wine-producing capital, on assignment for On the Luce – it’s a tricky job but somebody had to do it. Here’s what…

Château Autignac, Languedoc, South of France

A French vineyard stay at Château Autignac

If you’ve always fancied yourself running a vineyard in the South of France by day and swanning around a stunning château by night, then Château Autignac is the place to live the dream… without having to do any of…

Spring in France’s Languedoc wine region
Travel tales

Spring in the Languedoc vineyards, France

It’s a spring Sunday morning in France’s Languedoc wine region. My mum and I arrived in the dark last night after a long train journey to spend a few days at the luxurious Château Autignac wine estate. I’ve been…

A taste of South Africa’s Cape winelands
Travel tales

A taste of South Africa’s Cape winelands

I love a good glass of wine, but like a lot of people I have my faithful favourites – a crisp New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and a dark Argentinian Malbec are mine. When it comes to South African wine…

The travel clinic: Wine travel edition

The travel clinic: Wine travel edition

Welcome to the fifth edition of my travel clinic, where I share the tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years to help make your travel life easier. This time I’m bringing two of my passions together with…

Cocktails on board Celebrity Eclipse
Travel tales

A taste of cruising on board Celebrity Eclipse

Cruising has shaken off the old stereotypes and is attracting a whole new audience – and I’m one of them. I loved my Eastern Mediterranean cruise last summer, but if you’re curious about cruising it can feel like a…

Port tasting samples in Porto, Portugal
Travel tales

Just a drop: A port wine tasting in Porto

It’s in both the name of the country and the city – there’s no escaping port on a trip to Porto. I’m a huge wine lover and have tasted my way around wine regions across the world, but for…

Champagne cork
Travel tales

A taste of bubbly: Touring the Champagne vineyards

If you’re staying in Reims, it’s easy to visit a few of the big-name Champagne producers found around the outskirts, like Pommery or Taittinger. But if you want to discover some of the more unusual small producers and taste…

Pommery Champagne house
In pictures

The weird world of Pommery // In pictures

I’ve been on a few winery tours and they usually follow the same format – a tour of the cellars, a talk about how the wine is made and a tasting – so was expecting more of the same…

Carnac Beach, the Côte D'Argent
Travel tales

Striking silver on France’s Côte D’Argent

“The Côte de where?” I hear you ask. One of France’s hidden gems (or should that be precious metal, being as it’s the silver coast?), the Côte D’Argent stretches over 200km of coastline from the mouth of the Gironde river…