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Plane sunset

2019 travels

After completing the Take 12 Trips challenge in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 – with at least one trip each month, from a weekend break to overseas adventure – I’m carrying it on in 2019.

Coming up: My first trip of the year took me to the winter wonderland of Finnish Lapland, where we didn’t get to see the Northern Lights but did have husky and reindeer rides through stunning snowy scenery. Check out the rest of my travel plans for 2019.

My top ten travel wishlist

  • Mayan temples and stunning beaches in Southern Mexico and Belize
  • Listening to jazz in New Orleans
  • Sailing around the Italian lakes
  • Wildlife safaris and sand dunes in Namibia
  • Speeding across Japan on a bullet train
  • Island-hopping around the Caribbean
  • Watching the Northern Lights from the Arctic Circle
  • Sailing past glaciers in Alaska
  • Wine-tasting in the vineyards of South America
  • Exploring the wild Scottish Highlands