Flowers in the Jardin des Plantes, Paris // In pictures

Flowers in the Jardin des Plantes

Hidden away behind tall hedges near the Seine in Paris’ 5th arrondissement is the city’s Jardin des Plantes, or botanical gardens. These gardens stretch over almost 70 acres, with more than 4500 different plants – from rose and iris gardens to alpine plants and tropical greenhouses – filling it with beautiful colours and perfumes throughout the year. The Jardin des Plantes was originally set up in 1635 by Louis XIII as a royal garden to study medicinal herbs, and there’s still a school for botanists there today. It was opened to the public 14 years later and has been attracting horticulturalists since. But even if you know nothing about plants, it’s still a relaxing place to walk or sit away from the bustle of the city. The gardens are also home to the Museum of Natural History, with its four different galleries surrounded by the greenery.

Paris' Natural History Museum
Flowers in the Paris botanical gardens
The Jardin des Plantes
Flower close ups
Paris Natural History Museum

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      Thanks Marisol, there are so many fantastic gardens in Paris – I also went to the Parc de Belleville which had great views, and the Jardin Atlantique on top of Montparnasse train station.


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