Christmas lights at Paris’ Galeries Lafayette // In pictures

Galeries Lafayette Christmas decorations, Paris

In Paris’ 9th arrondissement, Galeries Lafayette is the city’s most glamorous department store – it’s the City of Lights’ version of Selfridges or Macys. And like its London and New York counterparts, it brings out the bling each Christmas. The centrepiece of the store’s decorations is the tree – a 65-foot-high giant decorated with two miles of lights which towers up four storeys under the beautiful stained glass domed roof. Each year there’s a different theme and design, and crowds gather for the annual unveiling. This year’s tree was topped with a white owl and there’s village at the bottom of the tree with animated cats, mice, rabbits and monkeys who sprung to life and danced around on the hour. Outside the decorations continued in the store’s front windows, which were decorated with scenes from Beauty and the Beast. You might have to brave a few crowds to get there, but you can’t help coming away feeling Christmassy.

Stained glass dome ceiling
Christmas lights and decorations, Paris
Galeries Lafayette department store, Paris
Christmas decorations, Paris


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    How beautiful! I love the Galeries Lafayette, as well as many of the grand old stores like Liberty, Harrod’s and Selfridges in London. Is it just me or do international stores do things in a more spectacular way than the US does these days?

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        This summer we took a trip up to Pennsylvania to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water and learned that it was a department store owner from Pittsburgh who financed it.
        I remember thinking, that must have been some department store in the 30s to be able to build a house like that! Now you’ve got my curious about how those other stores were built. Hmmm… a new project!

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      You’ve got a good point! I’d generally say that 1 December is plenty early enough to start talking about Christmas, but I just noticed I posted about Christmas markets back on 25 November so I’ve broken that myself, still within a month til Christmas though so not too bad I hope!

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    Just back from Paris last weekend, but we didn’t manage to get to Galarie Lafayettes – wish I had because the other places were very restrained in their decorations so we didn’t really feel very christmassy!

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      We must’ve overlapped as I was there last Friday til Sunday! The decorations at Galeries Lafayettes were lovely, though the crowds on the Saturday afternoon were something else, probably one it’s best to go and see in early December before it gets too manic!

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    Lovely photos, Lucy! Hopefully I’ll find awesome Christmas light displays during my upcoming weekend trip to Busan, South Korea, too.

    I wish you a Merry Christmas!



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