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Cruise ship sailing to the Hubbard Glacier

How to choose the perfect Alaska cruise

The thunderous crack of a calving glacier, snow-capped mountain peaks, bears fishing for salmon in clear meltwater streams, humpback whales swimming through turquoise waters. Alaska takes natural beauty to another level.…

Croisieurope river cruise

What’s it like on a CroisiEurope river cruise?

Sailing through the waterways of Europe, letting scenic views and pretty waterside towns come to you – river cruising is on the rise. And after becoming an unexpected ocean cruise convert a few years back, I was keen to…

A Christmas market river cruise on the Rhine
Travel tales

A Christmas market river cruise on the Rhine

Wooden chalets full of Christmas ornaments, towering Christmas trees, sparkling lights and the smell of log fires burning, roasting chestnuts and bubbling pans of Glühwein. Christmas markets have taken over Europe, and there are few cities which don’t have…

Cocktails on board Celebrity Eclipse
Travel tales

A taste of cruising on board Celebrity Eclipse

Cruising has shaken off the old stereotypes and is attracting a whole new audience – and I’m one of them. I loved my Eastern Mediterranean cruise last summer, but if you’re curious about cruising it can feel like a…

Celebrity Equinox cruise ship, reviewed

Celebrity Equinox cruise ship review

This is a bit different from my usual reviews, being as that it’s a cruise ship rather than a hotel. But when you think about it, what is a ship really other than a massive floating all-inclusive hotel?…

Ancient ruins at Ephesus, Turkey
In pictures

Amongst the ruins at Ephesus // In pictures

On the western coast of Turkey, Ephesus has some of the Mediterranean’s best-preserved, grandest ruins. As a major port for trade routes to Asia it grew from a coastal town in the 10th century BC to the second largest…

Blue and white in Fira, Santorini, Greece
In pictures

Santorini in blue and white // In pictures

Santorini is the classic Greek island – its shades of blue and white featuring on magazine covers across the world. But would it be as impressive in person? Docking in the port, we dodged the cable car queue and…

Temple remains at Olympia archaeological site, Greece
Travel tales

Ancient Olympia: Let the Games begin

Celebrity athletes, elaborate construction projects, political infighting – when you think about it the Olympic Games haven’t changed all that much since they first started in Ancient Greece. All the way from Olympia 776 BC to Rio 2016, the Olympics…

Dubrovnik city walls, Croatia
Travel tales

Wandering the city walls in Dubrovnik

Conventional cruise wisdom has it that when you get into port, you should be first off the ship to get as much time as you can in each destination. Great in theory, but it didn’t take into account that…