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Paris at Christmas time
Travel tales

Paris at Christmas time

I’ve sweltered on the beach at the Paris Plages in the middle of summer, walked through parks full of flowers in springtime and watched the leaves change colour in autumn, but until now I’ve never seen Paris in winter.…

The Alabaster Coast in Normandy, France
Travel tales

The white cliffs of Normandy’s Alabaster Coast

When you picture steep white chalk cliffs battered by the Channel seas, you probably think of England’s White Cliffs of Dover. But the French have their own lesser-known version on the other side of the Channel – La Côte…

Paris on a budget

Visiting Paris on a budget

Paris is one of my favourite European cities – I usually try and spend a few days out there most years, and was lucky enough to spend an autumn house-sitting there. But even though I had somewhere to stay,…

Jumieges Abbey in Normandy, France
In pictures

Jumièges Abbey in Normandy // In pictures

One of the great things about travel is coming across something unexpectedly amazing. I’d never heard of Jumièges Abbey until spotting it on the map on a last-minute trip to Normandy. Near the banks of the Seine between Rouen…

Paris sewer tour
Travel tales

The underbelly of Paris: Touring the sewers

So I know I said I wanted to see some of the more unusual sights of Paris, but aren’t the sewers a step too far? After visiting another of Paris’ underground attractions, the catacombs, I heard that part of the…

Flowers in the Jardin des Plantes
In pictures

Flowers in the Jardin des Plantes, Paris // In pictures

Hidden away behind tall hedges near the Seine in Paris’ 5th arrondissement is the city’s Jardin des Plantes, or botanical gardens. These gardens stretch over almost 70 acres, with more than 4500 different plants – from rose and iris…