March 2015 On the Luce

March 2015 On the Luce

Spring is coming – the daffodils are out, the days are getting longer, I even ventured out the house without my coat (only briefly mind you). I love this time of year, when the dark days of winter are over and there’s a long summer to look forward to. I got an early dose of sunshine on my week in Annecy and can’t wait. This month has been all about being social over a few glasses of wine and spending time with some fantastic people both at home and abroad. So what went on On the Luce in March?… 

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The Travel Clinic: Photography edition

The travel clinic: Photography edition

Welcome to the third edition of my travel clinic, where I share the top tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years to help make my travel life easier. In previous editions I’ve shared travel planning and money-saving tips for accommodation and flights, but this time we’re talking photography. Taking photos is a big… 

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Berlin's Holocaust Memorial

In pictures: Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial

Between the Brandenburg Gate and Tiergarten in Berlin lies a solemn field of 2771 grey stone slabs. The Holocaust Memorial – or, to give it its full name, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe – commemorates the Jewish lives lost in the Holocaust. It’s an almost impossible task to create something to symbolise that horror, and… 

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Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Visiting Berlin on a Budget

When it comes to city breaks, Berlin’s got a bit of something for everyone. There’s the fascinating history, both the recent stories of the Berlin Wall but also the wartime history and the museums with their artifacts dating back thousands of years. Then there’s the modern vibrant, multicultural culture of street art and music that… 

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Explore the Elements photography

Explore the Elements

Earth, water, fire and air – the four elements that make up life on earth and which we tend to take for granted. But a new photography challenge got me thinking about the elements – how they’re expressed in the world around us and how you can capture them in a photo. In Thomas Cook’s Explore… 

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Reads on the Road 3 travel book recommendations

Reads on the Road 3: My travel book recommendations

The good thing about the long, dark winter nights over the last few months is that they were perfect for curling up by the fire and working my way through the huge pile of books I’d been building up. So I’m back with my third selection of ‘Reads on the Road’ – the most inspiring… 

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Shaldon Beach Huts, Devon

Shaldon Beach Huts in Devon, reviewed

I do love a colourful beach hut on the seafront, and I’ve always been jealous of anyone lucky enough to own one. But what’s even better than a beach hut? A beach hut you can actually stay the night in. Shaldon Beach Huts in Devon aren’t your glorified wooden sheds on the seafront either –… 

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February On the Luce

February 2015 On the Luce

Is it just me or, for a short month, does February seem to have dragged on forever? But after months bundled up in big jumpers and boots, spring does finally seem to be on its way. The first snowdrops are out and the evenings are getting longer. I can’t wait to pack away the coat… 

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Reichstag dome

In pictures: Berlin’s Reichstag dome by night

Seat of the German Parliament, the Reichstag is one of the most famous and imposing buildings in Berlin. The original version, built in the 1880s, was topped with a stone dome. But that, along with the rest of the building, was damaged by fire and war. When it was restored in the 1960s they left… 

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The Berlin Wall

Following the stories of the Berlin Wall

It’s hard to talk about Berlin without mentioning the wall. It’s shocking to think that just a quarter of a century ago one of Europe’s major cities was split in two and Berliners were separated from friends and neighbours for 28 years. The wall was the most visible symbol of the Cold War and the… 

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Spanish tortilla

The World on a Plate: Spanish tortilla

When you’re not travelling, one of the best ways to get a taste of the exotic (literally in this case) is by eating dishes from around the world. The tastes and smells can transport you back to a place you loved or inspire you to visit a new place just to try a particular dish…. 

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