My ultimate taste of travel menu

Taste of travel competition

What are the most memorable dishes you’ve eaten on your travels? The smell and taste of food has an amazing ability to transport you to another place. The waft of spices from a Thai green curry always takes me back to a Bangkok street market, or the creamy taste of an Italian gelato to a sunny Sorrento evening. It’s as near as you can get to travel without leaving home. It’s also the premise of the new #tasteoftravel competition from Celebrity Cruises and the Great British Chefs. … 

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AirBnB tips and recommendations

AirBnB tips and favourite summer stays

I’m a big fan of apartment rentals when I travel – I love having my own space to relax in and getting to know a new neighbourhood, exploring its cafes, shops, bars and hidden corners. It can also save you money too, especially if you’re happy to self-cater some of the time or travelling with a… 

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Lindisfarne Priory ruins in Northumberland

In pictures: The ruins of Lindisfarne Priory

Northumberland’s Lindisfarne Island has such religious significance they even named it Holy Island – and its holiest site is its priory. The region’s earliest Christian monastery was founded here by Irish monk St Aidan in 635 AD. Despite its remote location it was close enough to Bamburgh’s castle for protection, making it the perfect base… 

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Lindisfarne or Holy Island

Marooned on Lindisfarne Island

On Lindisfarne, or Holy Island, the islanders live their lives based on the rhythm of the tides. Linked to the Northumbrian mainland by a narrow causeway, twice each day the island is completely cut off by the tide. You can only travel between Lindisfarne and mainland during twice-daily six-hour periods, which change every day. So Lindisfarne’s… 

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Travel book recommendations

Reads on the road 2: My travel book recommendations

After sharing my first Reads on the Road recommendations earlier this year, I’m back with the another installment featuring inspiring and interesting travel-related books I’ve discovered in the last six months. And I’ve certainly put in plenty of research. One benefit of the long train and plane journeys I’ve done this spring and summer is… 

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Celebrity Equinox cruise sip

Giveaway: Michael Palin & Telegraph Cruise Show tickets

Cruising is a travel style that everyone has an opinion about – it seems like you’re either a fanatic who goes on a cruise every year or you’re a skeptic who thinks that cruising is not for them. I’d always have put myself in the second group until I tried my first cruise from Venice… 

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September On the Luce

Take 12 Trips… September on the Luce

I’m on a mission to ‘Take 12 Trips’ in 2014, with at least one trip each month, whether that’s a local day out or international trip. So far I’ve travelled from Newcastle and the Norwegian fjords in the north, to Catania in Sicily and the souks of Morocco in the south. I’ve travelled by sea… 

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Vienna's Spanish Riding School

Inside Vienna’s Spanish Riding School

Like most girls I went through a horse-obsessed phase – but foot-high jumps and managing to cling on when we got to a canter were the extent of my horsemanship. It’s years now since I was last on a horse, but I’m still in awe of their power and grace, particularly when someone else is… 

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Vienna's Staatsoper Opera House, Austria

Visiting Vienna on a budget

Walking through Vienna is a bit like walking into the pages of a fairytale, as a horse and carriage trots past one ornate palace after another. The Austrian capital is bursting with Imperial history and Baroque architecture, with a musical accompaniment by Mozart and Strauss. But there’s also a more modern side, with Art Nouveau… 

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The Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria

Schönbrunn: Vienna’s summer palace fit for royalty

Just outside the centre of Vienna, Schloss Schönbrunn one of the city’s most famous and impressive buildings. It’s sometimes called the Austrian Palace of Versailles – and after I’ve failed to visit the French version in all my trips to Paris, I was determined to see the Austrian one. Schönbrunn is set on an area of… 

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The Celebrity Equinox cruise ship

Reviewed: Celebrity Equinox cruise ship

You might spot that this is a bit different from my usual accommodation reviews, being as that it’s a cruise ship rather than a hotel. But when you think about it, what is a ship really other than a massive floating hotel? Albeit more like a mega-resort with 1400 rooms, 10 restaurants, five bars and… 

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