Shaldon Beach Huts in Devon, reviewed

Shaldon Beach Huts, Devon

I do love a colourful beach hut on the seafront, and I’ve always been jealous of anyone lucky enough to own one. But what’s even better than a beach hut? A beach hut you can actually stay the night in. Shaldon Beach Huts in Devon aren’t your glorified wooden sheds on the seafront either – this is beach hut luxury. You get a proper bed, bathroom and kitchen, all wrapped up in a tiny, cute, beachside package. … 

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February On the Luce

February 2015 On the Luce

Is it just me or, for a short month, does February seem to have dragged on forever? But after months bundled up in big jumpers and boots, spring does finally seem to be on its way. The first snowdrops are out and the evenings are getting longer. I can’t wait to pack away the coat… 

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Reichstag dome

In pictures: Berlin’s Reichstag dome by night

Seat of the German Parliament, the Reichstag is one of the most famous and imposing buildings in Berlin. The original version, built in the 1880s, was topped with a stone dome. But that, along with the rest of the building, was damaged by fire and war. When it was restored in the 1960s they left… 

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The Berlin Wall

Following the stories of the Berlin Wall

It’s hard to talk about Berlin without mentioning the wall. It’s shocking to think that just a quarter of a century ago one of Europe’s major cities was split in two and Berliners were separated from friends and neighbours for 28 years. The wall was the most visible symbol of the Cold War and the… 

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Spanish tortilla

The World on a Plate: Spanish tortilla

When you’re not travelling, one of the best ways to get a taste of the exotic (literally in this case) is by eating dishes from around the world. The tastes and smells can transport you back to a place you loved or inspire you to visit a new place just to try a particular dish…. 

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Colesbourne Park snowdrops

In pictures: Snowdrops at Colesbourne Park in the Cotswolds

After winter seems to have dragged on for ever, the first snowdrop peeking out of the ground is a sign that spring is finally on it’s way. But Colesbourne Park in the Cotswolds has taken snowdrop growing to extremes. Described as ‘England’s greatest snowdrop garden’, the estate has over 250 different varieties of snowdrop on… 

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Campion Cottage in the Cotswolds

Campion Cottage in the Cotswolds, Reviewed

One of the best things about doing the #Take12Trips challenge last year was that it encouraged me to get out and see places near to home when I wasn’t travelling. I’m lucky enough to live on the edge of the Cotswolds so have no shortage of pretty villages, historic houses and beautiful landscapes within easy… 

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January on the Luce

January 2015 on the Luce

After the excitement and indulgence of the festive period, January’s the month when everyone seems to be on a detox or new fitness regime. But I’m more likely to be hibernating in front of the fire with a cat on my lap and a pile of guidebooks. There’s something about a new year and an… 

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Broadway Tower folly

In pictures: Broadway Tower in the Cotswolds

One of the Cotswolds most iconic landmarks, the Broadway Tower is a seriously photogenic spot. The 65-foot tower’s position on top of an ancient beacon hill makes it the second highest point in the Cotswolds. On a clear day you can see across 16 counties from the Welsh Mountains in one direction to Buckinghamshire in… 

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Paris Louvre museum

Alternative things to do in Paris

Paris is full of world-famous buildings and attractions – the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Sacré-Cœur and Montmartre. But what about on your second visit, or third or fourth? When you’ve seen the big names there’s still plenty more to see off the beaten track in the City of Light. Here’s my… 

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St Germain Paris walking tour

The streets of St Germain: A Paris walking tour

On Paris’ Left Bank, St-Germain-des-Prés is one of the city’s most famous neighbourhoods. Over the years it’s been a meeting place for intellectuals, centre of the post-war Jazz Age and a bohemian hub for artists and writers. And nowadays it’s a fashionable neighourhood full of designer boutiques and swanky restaurants. It’s also my Parisian second home,… 

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